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At Knudsens Auto Specialists, we offer a comprehensive Nationwide Tire Protection Plan honored at over 30,000 locations! AND, you also receive Free Flat Tire Changing assistance!


Tire Protection Plan

No one likes to purchase tires, they are a big investment! Studies show you will likely have to purchase at least 3 sets during the life of your vehicle (which varies by driver, type of car, driving habits, of course). With all that back and forth driving to work and getting the kids around in a given year, it makes sense to protect your tire investment from road hazards. For a small per tire fee, get the protection you need!

Your ProtectionPlus Nationwide Warranty Covers your tires against road hazard damage for a period of 4 years or until the tire is worn to 2/32” whichever occurs first.

Flat Tire Changing Assistance

For 24 months from the date of purchase of this plan, you may receive flat tire changing assistance by calling the service provider of your choice. If you need assistance in locating a service provider in your area, you may call 800-351-8565. You must pay for the service and will be reimbursed up to $75.00 for eligible expenses incurred for flat tire changing assistance.

Knudsen's Auto Specialists | Tire Warranty

  • FREE Flat Repairs
  • FREE Tire Rotations**
  • FREE Tire Inspections**
  • FREE Air Pressure Checks**
  • And of course, Complimentary Roadside Assistance
  • *Pricing varies by location.
  • **Valid at Nationwide ProtectionPlus locations only.
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