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Fuel Injection Services

Knudsen’s Auto Specialists has been serving Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas since 2003. Our family-owned business offers a wide array of vehicle services and repairs, including fuel injection services. If you need assistance with your vehicle, schedule an appointment today to have your vehicle analyzed and repaired by a team you can trust.

What Is a Fuel Injection System?

A fuel injection system is a mechanical system in your vehicle that delivers fuel to the engine. This system is responsible for providing the right amount of fuel depending on the engine's needs.

How Does Fuel Injection Work?

For your engine to run efficiently, it needs the proper mixture containing fuel and air. A fuel injection system works by atomizing fuel at high pressure and combining it with clean air. Then, the mixture enters the combustion chamber of each of the vehicle’s cylinders.

Signs That Your Vehicle Needs a Fuel Injection Repair

Fuel injector systems work hard to keep your vehicle running efficiently. However, they can experience issues that need to be addressed by an auto repair professional. Here are five signs that your vehicle may need a fuel injection repair:

  • Check Engine Light Turns On - This is the most obvious sign that your fuel injection system needs attention. This glowing light on your dashboard could signal a bad fuel injector, an injector delivering too much or too little fuel to the engine.
  • Stalling - If there isn’t a consistent supply of fuel reaching your engine, it could cause rough idling and eventually stalling.
  • Engine Vibration - Without the right amount of fuel, the engine will vibrate as it tries to fire up a compromised fuel injector.
  • Engine Misfires - Problems with acceleration, including a hesitation from the vehicle after stepping on the gas pedal, can be caused by engine misfiring. This misfiring is caused by a lack of fuel reaching the engine.
  • Fuel Leak - A damaged or cracked fuel injector can leak fuel, decreasing the amount of fuel reaching the engine.

If you see any of these signs with your vehicle, you may need a fuel injection repair. If problems like these are ignored, they can lead to significant damage to the fuel injection system and engine. Contact Knudsen’s Auto Specialists today to schedule an appointment to have your fuel injection system inspected and repaired. 

Benefits of a Fuel Injector Cleaning

Having your fuel injector inspected and cleaned should be part of your vehicle’s preventive annual maintenance. A fuel injector cleaning, available at Knudsen’s Auto Specialists, offers many benefits to you and your vehicle, including:

  • Enhanced vehicle performance
  • Increased engine life 
  • Improved gas mileage
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Reduced emissions

Schedule Fuel Injection Service

A fuel injection service can benefit your vehicle, whether there are signs of a problem or not. This crucial system needs regular maintenance and quick repairs if problems are found. Schedule a fuel injection service today at Knudsen’s Auto Specialists to experience the benefits of an efficient and effective fuel injection system.

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