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Knudsen's Auto Specialists has been helping drivers in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas since 2003. Our team of dedicated auto repair professionals has years of experience providing oil changes, wheel alignments, power steering services, and much more. Schedule an appointment todayfor help with your vehicle, from preventive maintenance to a major repair.

What Is Power Steering?

Power steering is the mechanical device in a vehicle that reduces the effort needed by the driver to steer effectively. Power steering makes it much easier for drivers to maneuver a vehicle and make turns, especially at lower speeds.

The power steering system in a vehicle uses hydraulic devices to multiply the force applied by the driver when using the steering wheel. These hydraulic devices reduce the amount of effort needed from the driver to make quick and smooth directional changes.

What Is the Power Steering Pump?

The power steering pump, an integral piece of the power steering system, pressurizes the hydraulic fluid that assists the driver in turning the steering wheel without excessive effort.

How to Maintain a Power Steering System

Completing simple tasks like making a tight turn is much more challenging without power steering. Regular maintenance is key to maintaining the functionality of a power steering system. Here are six steps to maintain a power steering system, so it is always ready to assist you:

  1. Check the power steering fluid level - Low fluid levels can negatively impact the overall function of the power steering system, making it more difficult to turn your vehicle. Ensure the proper fluid level before a long trip and at every oil change.
  2. Inspect the power steering fluid - Keep an eye on the quality of the power steering fluid. Check for dirt and grime in the fluid and darkness in color. These findings indicate it’s time to change the fluid and the filter.
  3. Check high and low-pressure hoses - Leaks are common in high and low-pressure hoses that transport power steering fluid. Check periodically to ensure the hoses aren’t rubbing together and that their protective coverings are intact.
  4. Change the filter annually - The power steering fluid filter should be changed annually to help keep fluid clean while reducing the wear and tear of the power steering pump.
  5. Check the steering belts - The power steering belts can stretch or break over time. Regular checking ensures you can replace them as soon as the quality and condition decline.
  6. Replace the pump (if necessary) - Low fluid levels, dark fluid, or dirty fluid can all negatively impact the power steering pump. Unusual noises as you drive indicate that the pump might need to be repaired or replaced. A power steering pump replacement can save you from major mechanical repairs in the future.

Schedule Your Power Steering Service Today

Knudsen's Auto Specialists can help you maintain your power steering properly so it remains in good condition for years. From a power steering flush to a power steering pump replacement, help is here when you need it to ensure easy steering and overall vehicle longevity. Schedule an appointment at Knudsen’s Auto Specialists in Phoenix, AZ, today!

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